Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Post Late...Just Like a Guy!

S~ Okay, So had great intentions. I wanted to put together a nice picture show on here to surprise Teresa for Mother's Day. Of course, I could not figure out how to attach music, so I had to ask Teresa, which kind of ruins the surprise. Then I wanted to do a nice post in honor of her, and I am, it's just a little late. But as the saying goes, better late than never! I am so lucky to have Teresa in my life and even more lucky that she is the mother of my children. Everyone says that their wife is the best mom. (I mean we kind of have to say that right?) But, with Teresa, it is so true. I respect her so much for all that she does and all that she sacrifices for these kids. I know I could not do what she does in one day without pulling all my hair out. What I love about Teresa is her complete dedication to us as a family, no matter how hard it gets. I love this picture here because to me it shows Teresa in her true form, a loving mother standing by her children in their darkest hours.During the birth of Simon, I saw the strength that my wife possesses. The way she handled the pain and worked through each contraction was truly amazing. So I thank God for bringing Teresa into my life. I would not trade all the tough times for anything because it has brought me closer to my wonderful wife. Teresa, thank you! Thank you from our kids, and most of all, thank you from me! I thank you for being there with me, and more importantly giving me a home and a family that brings so much joy. Happy Belated Mother's Day post and I love you!


Lisa R said...

So sweet....I bet your a good husband too....

Every minute counts.... said...

Very nice of you to write down how you feel about your wife!

You are lucky to have each other!


Auntie Becky said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day Tree!!
You're truely an inspiration!
Love ya