Friday, August 03, 2007

Small Victories

We triumph in the small victories:

* Jamie has graduated to the next level of swim classes. He is now proud to be a Ray (or sting ray, as he informed me).

* Taking all three children to a children's theatrical performance and no one cried! (With two children sitting on my lap for the majority of the show.)

* Simon is sleeping in his own crib, in his own room, almost through the night. And that goes for naps, too - no more napping in the car seat in the dining room.

* Finally figuring out the best way to go grocery shopping with all three children and still have room in the shopping cart for more than just a gallon of milk.

* Clare has started walking. Albeit slowly, sometimes while complaining loudly, and not all the time, Clare has started walking.

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Alleliuia!!!! Go, Clare GO!!!! It is the small victories that we often forget about! Thanks for sharing, Teresa. Love, Aunt Joan

Nancy said...

What a beautiful, gorgeous sight.



Nicole said...

What a beautiful sight!! Way to go, Clare!!

Christina said...

Oh, I cry, I cry - happy tears, of course! (And I was there!)

Katie said...

...and she's off :)
Whoo hoo!!! Go Clare!!!!


Kerry said...

: ): ): ):) Yeha! What a great video to watch!

Amy said...

Excellent news!!! Before we know it they will be zooming around like little bees in a field of wild flowers.

Lisa R said...

That is awesome about Clare walking I have to go home and watch all the video's I can not wait is it 5 yet LOL... I would love to know your food store trick sometimes I have issues with just 2... I ma so glad you are all have a great summer!!!

Heather said...

Congratulations Teresa,to you and Claire of course. That is awesome. Of couse now you will be doing double time trying to keep up with her :)Don't even get me started on the grocery store. Mine are 7,9, and 11 and they still drive me crazy at the store!!! My only advice is to leave them with Daddy.

Aspen said...

TERESSA THATS AMAZING! I have been horrible about keeping up lately, but had a few extra minutes this morning so I thought I would stop on by. I love love love it! Daven is slowly starting to do the same. But at a much slower pace. I love it! Just beautiful!