Monday, May 12, 2008

Super Mom ~ Happy Mother's Day

S~ So this is a one day late Mother's Day post, but I am hoping that late is better than not at all. So Teresa hates being called a Super Mom because she feels like it makes her have to be perfect, and let's face it, no one is perfect. But me, being a kid who loved comic books and super heroes, I never liked them because they were perfect. Without getting too close to the geek train, Superman turned into a wimp next to Kryptonite, the Hulk was an idiot, and Ironman has a bad ticker...far from perfect. But what made them Super was the fact that they sacrificed their lives for the sake of others. They overcame their weaknesses and persevered to do what is right. That is what makes my wife a Super Mom!

I am amazed on a daily business of what Teresa does, how she keeps everything together. She juggles so many schedules, between school, doctor's appointments, playdates, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At the same time she will add swim classes for the kids and still find time to scrapbook and update the blog. The amount of work she does in one day is unbelievable. I look at her and I am awed by her strength to bring all this together. She has sacrificed so much for our kids and our home and that is what makes her a Super Mom! She has strength beyond Superman, brains beyond Hulk, and a heart that is big enough for a family of five.

I love my wife. I find her more beautiful each and every day, and I thank God for her and for all that she does for us. Teresa, thanks for everything you do. I know you don't think you are super, but to me and the kids, you are our hero! Happy Mother's Day (one day late!)


Aunt Joan said...

Shawn~ If I were asked to nominate for the position, I would probably think of Teresa first! I envy her daily. Just to remain sane is a feat when referring to Motherhood! Happy Mother's Day, Teresa! You deserve the title! Love ya, Aunt Joan

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Oh, to be loved like that.

Your children are so lucky to have the two of you as parents.


Tes & John said...

Shawn you are a cool dude in my book. I totally love teresa's insight on the blog and she is a inspiration!
Lila's Mommy