Saturday, June 21, 2008


At a recent outing, I overheard someone talking about her recent strawberry picking with her friends. She gushed on and on how easy it was to go out with her children now that they were older and made a comment about how she was "glad that baby phase is over." The funny thing is the first thing that struck me about this woman's statement was the fact that she went strawberry picking. Hmmmm... strawberry picking. That is one adventure we have yet to do. I have never been strawberry picking in my life. Then the rest of her statement struck me, and my mind briefly flashed back to my blueberry picking fiasco of last summer (with a two-month old and non-mobile two-year old). And I realized how easy fruit-picking will be this year. Clare can run around with Jamie now, Simon loves to be out and about, and I don't care how dirty he gets scooting around on the ground. Strawberry picking is definitely in our horizon!

This woman is entitled to her opinion, but I felt pity for her. Pity that the sweet, and oh-so-short, phase of life termed the "baby phase," was something she was glad to be rid of. Am I glad Jamie is now a energetic boy of five who just finished his first season of t-ball and swims like a fish? Of course I am, but that does not mean I am glad to see his baby phase, toddler phase, preschooler phase be things of the past. In fact, it is always bittersweet to me to see my children growing up. Now that Simon is almost 14 months old and Clare is walking (and starting to climb - oh no!), our summer this year will definitely be easier logistically than our summer last year, but that does not translate into better. Just different. Different planning, different excursions, different headaches. (Because, trust me, NO outing is a breeze!) Strawberry picking? Bring it on - little kids and all!


nichole said...

I can't believe you never went strawberry picking. I know one of the farms (maybe Jaswell's???) in the area we grew up has strawberries. It's so much fun and a little easier than blueberry picking, especially for little fingers.

Nancy said...

You make even blueberry picking look easy, darlin!

I felt sad the other day seeing a little boy where my baby had been. I know, though, I got more of the "baby phase" in one kid than most moms do, and I am happy to see progress, too. I feel really weird about the whole baby thing. I'm thankful for each and every step, I guess!

I love checking in you and your family. Love from Oregon!

Anonymous said...

I am sure the strawberry picking will be a blast! I also have to agree with you, Teresa. I am glad my kids are grown, but I always loved the baby stages. It is more work, perhaps, but always worth it. Enjoy every moment ~ they don't last long, as you know! love to all, Aunt Joan

Gretchen & Steve said...

You said it beautifully. I love every stage and every stage has its ups and downs, but I'd never want to skip any of them completely. I'm constantly snuggling Wesley in bed wondering where my little baby went. And now Preston is nearing that point as well. Hmmm??? Time for a third? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love seeing the kids, but sometimes us "mommies" just need to share what is on our minds.