Thursday, September 11, 2008

Staying Afloat

The water puns are endless!

Thank you to all those long-distance for your thoughts and prayers. And thank you to our local supporters who have kept us clean, fed, and generally making some sense out of the chaos!

Right now, we are staying afloat. Our basement has been gutted, so we're starting from scratch down there. (Hey, at least this is finally our chance to get rid of the deep plum walls in Shawn's office! Who paints a basement room dark purple??? One of our neighbors asked Shawn if it was the S&M room!!) Shawn met with our floor guy this afternoon, and scoped out Home Depot for wall materials. Because both the family room and Shawn's office were in the basement, our dining room is now jam-packed with stuff (stuff that Simon and Clare are having a blast spreading over the rest of the house every day!). So our priority is to get the basement at least in some kind of shape to start putting things back down there. We're supposed to be getting the basement fogged to kill any mold in the next couple of days. With Jamie's severe allergies and Clare's compromised health, we are not taking any chances in the mold department. The city has been great in arranging to have the garbage on our street picked up every day. That is essential because almost every house has a big pile of garbage daily as everyone sorts through their damage.

We still do not have fully-working drains and running water yet. Our pump was supposed to be back up yesterday, but still nothing yet. The new goal is by this weekend. We have been quite inventive in keeping everyone reasonably clean! It's amazing what you can do on limited resources! I think Shawn has been able to hook up our computer again, so I am going to load up some photos soon.


Aunt Joan said...

I am so relieved that you are still sane, and even going through the motions of everyday life - life without water, etc. You are being tested here on earth, you know that, don't you? Good luck with everything, and you will continue in our prayers. Joan

Heather said...

glad things are coming along! I bet you will be so glad when things get back to normal. I myself can go without electric for awhile, but it's hard to go without water.... thinking of you

The Real EMO said...

Keep us updated. My offer still stands if you need to do laundry or bathe anyone or whatever. I am sure you are wishing for normalacy!