Monday, December 14, 2009

"Monday Monday" Daybook

Outside my window … snow, snow, snow. Winter has finally come to stay in New Hampshire.

I am thinking … that Thomas the Train is the dumbest show. Why does Clare like it so much?

I am thankful for … car insurance and that the driver who hit my car last week actually had some. I am sorry I doubted him.

I am readingCity of Bones by Cassandra Clare. (And still finishing the other two books - now I have a downstairs book, upstairs book, and rocking chair/nursing book - such a geek.)

I am hoping … (selfishly) that Shawn chooses to drive three hours home from Connecticut tomorrow to drive three hours back the next day.

On my mind … whether or not it is vanity that I want to have my Lasix surgery touched up. Ten years post-surgery, I really need to wear my glasses full-time again, but I really don't want to. I sound like a little kid. I don't wanna! I don't wanna!

We’re learning … lines for the school play. Jamie has a small speaking role in The Emperor's New Clothes. Maybe one day Shawn and I will be able to get back into theatre.

Noticing that … I really need a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

Pondering these words … "The winding roads shall be made straight, and the rough ways made smooth." --Luke 3: 5

From the kitchen … Christmas cookies. We've already baked galettes, sugar cookies, and Russian teacake surprise cookies. Peanut butter cookies are next. All cookies from my childhood, so I am awash in memories of Christmases at my parents' in Rhode Island and Granny's in West Virginia.

Around the house … Violet is cruising everywhere now. Nothing is safe, and she has realized that if she stands on her tiptoes, she can reach even more stuff!

One of my favorite things … my laptop. It's great to be portable!

A picture I am sharing

Simon and Clare challenge each other, cheer for each other, and love and hate like the best of siblings!


K's Mama said...

What a cute picture!!! Definately not vanity on the lasik surgery. Glasses and contacts are so so annoying. Every year Mike and I wish we had the money to get the surgery done!

Noel said...

Love your updates. I will have to check out those books next..I am running out of books to read! See I'm a geek too. Love the picture.

Michael and Michelle said...

I love this new part of your blog. I wish I had the motivation to do it...but I think trying to come up with everything would be too difficult for whatever remaining brain cells I have left!

Aunt Joan said...

Again...thanks for sharing! I am rooting for the lasik touch-up! Also for the Kitchen Aid mixer! The photo is so sweet! May they always be best of friends!! hugs!

Christina and Tee Jay said...

Please share galettes (and, oh yeah, other cookies, too!) next week. I need my childhood back in that little way.

Anonymous said...
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In This Storm said...

You have some cuties!

It's funny you should mention "The Shack", by the way. I just started re-reading it about a week ago. It really is a great book, and very healing.

Thanks for continuing to think of and check in on me!

Anonymous said...

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Aunt Joan said...

Hey, this is an old one!! Actually, I am just trying to figure out why Christina's blog won't recoginize me. Thought I'd try here again!! Love ya!