Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Old Friend Spring

Spring is coming. The birds tweet loudly in the morning, the temperatures are rising into the 50's some days, and there are shoots in my garden starting to break through the dirt and rocks. We've had some pleasant afternoons playing in our yard and street. Everyone is breathing in the fresh air, and I am hoping that winter is truly over and that the fresh breath of spring air will push the rest of the nasty germs away.

I am looking forward to spring, but there is always some illness that strikes our family at the end of March/beginning of April every year without fail. 2007 and 2008 both brought stomach bugs that hit everyone and landed Clare in the hospital for a couple days. In 2009, we were hit by a stomach virus again, but Clare thankfully avoided the hospital for that one. Instead, she was having numbness and tingling in her arm and her A-V fistula and aneurysm were diagnosed, which resulted in her summer surgery. 2010 is going down the same path unfortunately. Our house has once again been hit by some nasty stomach bug (why do we seem to avoid it all winter and then get hit right when the sunny days are beckoning us?). So far, Violet had it fairly easy, I had a severe case (with a few hours in the hospital for dehydration and severe abdominal pain - nothing that a little IV fluids, morphine, toradol, and zofran couldn't cure!), and now Simon has it (he's sleeping it off as I type). I am praying that Clare, Jamie, and Shawn escape unscathed, but I just don't think that's going to happen. Thankfully, it's a short stint (about 12 hours), but it's rough. I am praying that if Clare does come down with it, she can get over it quickly and without becoming dehydrated.

Tomorrow is Clare's six-month cardiology appointment. I have been so busy being sick and taking care of sick kids that the butterflies have not set in yet. I know they will be there at 8am (the time of her echo). I wonder what tomorrow will bring. The school nurse has been monitoring her blood pressure twice a week and her numbers have been slowly creeping up. Add that to the fact that at Clare's last appointment, the cardiologist talked about possibly doing a cath in the near future just to see what was going on. Her last lung scan was good, so a decision has been held off until tomorrow's appointment. I always count my blessings, and the fact that it has been 2 years, 7 months since Clare's last cath is a HUGE blessing. I never thought we would get to this point, but here we are! So those little butterflies tomorrow better be good spring butterflies!


Aunt Joan said...

Prayers are said for your recovery and poor little Simon!! Hoping the rest stay healthy, and especially that Clare's testing goes well!! Lots of hugs, kisses & prayers!!

Mrs. Blais said...

Sending prayers for a good cardiology checkup tomorrow. I know what you mean about spring - it's my favorite season, but it is also the time for caths & other medical things that could wait until the end of flu & RSV season. We had one last April for Aoife and Tarynn has one scheduled for April 6th. Praying that Claire can go a while longer without needing a cath.