Monday, October 24, 2011

Eliza at Four Months Old

Eliza is now four months old! She really is the easiest baby I've ever had. (Finally got it figured out by Number Five!) She is very mellow, rarely cries (so when she does, everyone goes on super-alert), and sleeps like a champ at night. She has the same big blue eyes as her older sister Violet, but her hair is darker like Clare's. At her four-month pediatrician appointment, she weighed over 15 pounds - more than what Clare weighed at a year old - and Eliza has all the delicious rolls to prove it. We all are so in love with our sweet baby girl!


nichole said...

She is such a cutie pie!

Susan C. said...

oooh she is precious, all of your kids are! Thanks for sharing, you brighten my day!

Aunt Joan said...

What a beautiful little doll!! She does look a lot like Violet, but I can see the others in that smile!! Thanks for the pic & update!! I love every single one!!