Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Six Months of Sweetness

Eliza is six months old today!

It has been a whirlwind of a six months, and I cannot believe my baby is halfway through her first year. Eliza is such a bundle of sweetness in our lives. I have had a couple "high-maintenance" babies, and Eliza is anything but. She is so mellow. She rarely cries, so when she does, we all sort of freak out! She is such an easy-going girl and goes along with whatever we have planned for our day. All babies are a blessing, but I admit I am glad to have a baby who is low-key at this phase in our life.

All the children are as infatuated with her as the day she was born. The boys fight over who gets to push Eliza's stroller up the hill when we pick Clare up from school. Simon and Clare ask first thing in the morning to sit and hold her. Jamie's favorite job is to put Eliza into her pajamas at bedtime (he even changes her diaper, if it's not dirty!). And Violet exclaims "Hello, baby!" when she sees Eliza.

It does not matter how many kids you have - it is always thrilling to watch them grow and achieve their milestones. Eliza is working very hard on sitting up for longer periods of time (I still hold out hope that she'll be sitting at Christmas), and I am eager to watch her over the next six months as she learns new skills.

Happy six-month birthday, Eliza Marie!


Katherine said...

Happy Half Birthday! Can't believe I haven't seen her since this summer. So sad. I will have to remedy that ASAP!!!!

Aunt Joan said...

Happy half-birthday to Eliza, as well as Mommy!! She is adorable and truely wish I could 'know' her!! She sounds like a "perfect" baby!! I love and miss all of you!!

K's Mama said...

Oh my goodness! Look at that hand pudge!!! So cute!!!! I'll admit i'm slightly jealous you have a mellow sleeper type baby. I have a dramatic baby that thinks a 2 hour stretch of sleep at night is good enough! That was a fast 6 months!

Liz (Hegyi) said...

Tree, what a joy it was to read your blog! It's so good to hear that all is well. Since it's been so long, it's a nice way to learn about what's going on in your life. Your kids are beautiful. Happy holidays to all of you. Love, Liz

nichole said...

I can't believe Eliza is 6 months old already! She is such a sweet baby.