Saturday, June 02, 2012

Don't Eat Me Please!

I was enjoying a relaxing shower when I spied the BIGGEST spider known to man in the shower.

Saturday morning is the one morning of the week when I can take a leisurely shower. Saturdays are lazier for us, and this morning, Shawn had left to take the older girls to ballet, the boys were playing the iPad, and the baby was down for an early nap. It was a luxury to be taking a shower with no one else in the bathroom (as all moms with young children can attest, this is a rare gift). I was about one-third through my shower with a head full of shampoo when I spotted the beast in the corner.

So I exaggerate slightly on the spider's size, but it truly was one of the biggest spiders I have seen in our house - almost the size of a daddy long-legs. It was just hanging in the corner between the shower head and the shelves. I eyed it for thirty seconds to be sure it was not moving, then continued rinsing my hair. Checked the spider to be sure it was still not moving, washed my face, checked the spider, applied conditioner, checked the spider, IT DROPPED. I admit, I screamed! I jumped out of the shower (thankfully we have a walk-in shower or else I probably would have plummeted over the side of the tub in my haste to distance myself).

I am not afraid of spiders (or bugs) but sharing my Saturday shower with one was not going to happen. I always tell my children they are not allowed to kill bugs outside because that's where the bugs live. But when the bugs invade where we live, we are allowed to dispose of them. So that's what I did. Grabbed a tissue, squashed the spider, and flushed it away.

I finished my shower in solitude, but it was not the same. Because I knew in the far corner of the ceiling, I could see another fuzzy brown shape just waiting to get me.


Cracker Quilts said...

That is to funny! I just ran across your blog as I was doing research on Williams Syndrome. I didn't know what it was at all but saw it on the agent orange list and wanted to know more. Do you happen to know if your husband's father or your father was in the Vietnam War?

nichole said...

OMG - I hate spiders. I would have freaked out and gotten out midshower to find a shoe to kill it.