Thursday, May 04, 2006

How Blessed We Are

I had a bad day a couple days ago. Some stuff going on with our extended family combined with Clare being extremely fussy and clingy (which is not a common occurrence) and Jamie being fresh and disobedient (which, unfortunately, is a common occurrence these days), added up to some bad moments. One of those days when you question the decisions you made in your life, are tired of dealing with one problem after another, and are so thankful when the kids go to bed.

After that long day, I settled down to catch up on my e-mails. I had an e-mail from someone who has been through (and is going through) so much with one of their children. To make a long story short, the challenges in my life seemed small comparatively. Now I do not believe in making comparisons about who has the tougher lot in life. It's not a competition. Our life is our life, and the obstacles we face are personal and daunting to us, whether big or small to the outside world. However, after catching up on this child's story, I thought, how blessed we are. How blessed I truly am. It really caught me up. I did have a tough day and it took a lot of strength, patience, and praying to get through it. Yet at the end of the day, my two children were safe, snug, and healthy in their beds. That's a blessing in itself. Maybe we'll have another tough day tomorrow. But the blessing is that we are going to have another day together tomorrow. Another day to play outside, take a walk, cuddle and read books, (have a few time-outs), and be together.


Aunt Joan said...

Teresa - How truely strong you are, girl! The old saying "..when life gives you lemons..." is so true yet so hard to do very often. Yet you have persevered through so much more and come out on top. We will keep you all in our daily prayers, and hopefully today will be better. We love you all, and support you through it all. Love, Aunt Joan

Christina said...

Tree and Shawn - I can't tell how many posts bring tears to my eyes (mostly happy ones, sometimes bittersweet ones). I think they all do!!

I am so glad, though, that God has given us (our extended family, I mean - but more so you two) not only the strength to deal with our issues, but also the insight and wisdom to realize our blessings!

Four of the greatest blessings in my own life are you two, Jamie, and Miss Clare (even though it's "sad" to think that I've gone from saying 'Baby Clare' to 'Miss Clare').

Keep finding the sunshine after the rain - it's how the Lord intended for flowers to bloom!