Saturday, April 29, 2006

What's New?

We've been AWOL again lately. I am blaming it on moving, unpacking, settling in, and enjoying that spring has finally arrived! (I promise not another post about moving!)

So what's new in Miss Clare's life? She is doing so well right now! (But... still no teeth!)

We've been fairly doctor-free for a while now, other than her weight checks every two weeks. Clare does not return to see her cardiologist and undergo a sedated echo until June. I admit I am eager to see how the appointment goes. It's already been six weeks since Clare's last cardiology appointment, and we have never been this long without knowing what's going on in that little heart. We have another six weeks to go. I am curious, but not worried, since Clare is obviously thriving right now!

Clare's weight gain is still going incredibly slow. She gained a couple ounces between appointments last time. It's still not what the doctors want to see, but at least she's gaining. I don't think her GI and pediatrician will ever be happy unless she gains five pounds in one month! Shawn and I are happy with her progress, though. She is self-feeding now and loves it. She prefers that over being spoon-fed pureed foods. In fact, the only person she will condescend to let feed her is Shawn! The quantity of foods she will finger feed herself is not great, but she will try to eat anything we put in front of her. And we've been more daring with Clare as to variety than with Jamie, which is kind of funny. Clare enjoys meal time (for the most part), but she will let you know when enough is enough. We are teaching Clare baby signs, and the only sign she responds back is "All done." She "says" it loud and clear when dinner is over!

Clare continues with her weekly OT sessions. Her goals right now are crawling and increasing upper body strength, as well as beginning some vestibular activities. These are Clare's favorites because it involves flying through the air, bouncing on a ball, rolling continuously, swinging on the swingset, and hanging upside down. She does not enjoy her crawling/upper body strength activities as much, but is increasing her length of toleration, which is good. Crawling is still probably months in the future, but selfishly, I am content with that. I don't know if I am ready for two mobile kiddos yet! In June, Clare will have her one-year evaluation with the Early Intervention Program. This will involve not just OT, but PT, speech therapy, and an educator as well. We'll outline goals for the next 6-12 months and get an idea of how Clare is doing developmentally.

Clare is such a happy little girl. Big smiles throughout the day. She has started hugging and loves to hug Jamie. He'll come near her, and she will reach out to him and wrap her little arms around his neck. I know I am biased because I am her mother, but Clare is so sweet and loving, and we all just love her so much!


Big Cousin Jasmine said...

Clare is so so prity. we are all thinking of you.

love you all.

Aunt Joan said...

What a beautiful post! Clare seems so content and happy now. Keep up the good work, Miss Clare, and keep us posted! Love to all.

Sara said...

"We are teaching Clare baby signs, and the only sign she responds back is "All done." She "says" it loud and clear when dinner is over!"

That's funny!

Her first year pictures are beautiful. It's obvious that she is thriving, loved, and loving. Thanks for sharing.

liz of said...

thank you for your ability to write and take that time

You have a beautiful family and I just love to read your latest news. I'm reminded of the days gone by with Regan(5y.o./ws) and all the joy of his milestones that we anxiously awaited/await. I really wish I kept a journal - it is truly an amazing thing!!! Clare is such a doll . . .time flies by so quickly,doesn't it??