Sunday, June 04, 2006

They're Here! They're Here!

At 14 months old, Clare is finally cutting her first tooth. After waiting so long for this event, I expected something grand for the big arrival – fireworks, a parade, maybe a brass band or two. What I did not expect was that Clare would cut FOUR TOP TEETH AT THE SAME TIME! But that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Clare has been cranky on and off this past week, and we have noticed her fingers are always in her mouth – two good signs of teething. Yet since we’ve thought Clare was teething since she was three months old, I really didn’t think this was the real thing yet. At dinnertime tonight, she just wouldn’t settle down and wouldn’t eat. Shawn gave her some Tylenol thinking that maybe her gums were bothering her. The Tylenol did the trick, and Clare ate dinner. When I was getting Clare dressed for bed, I happened to look into her mouth and saw her top gums. (Okay, I was able to look into her wide open mouth because Jamie was giving her licks of his lollipop.) That’s when I saw them – four top teeth breaking through those gums. And from the looks of it, the four bottom teeth are not far behind! No wonder she was a cranky little girl. I guess if you’re going to wait 14 months to get your first tooth, you might as well work on four (or even eight) of them at the same time.


Aunt Joan said...

YEAH for Miss Clare!! Teething is such an individualized thing, and she certainly thought she'd do it her way, huh?? Hopefully this may bring some more pleasant moments after the initial pains are gone - for awhile anyway. Enjoy those once in a lifetime moments! Love to all, Aunt Joan

nichole said...

woohoo!!! i can't wait to see her new smile :)

Nancy said...

Brian and I cheered out loud when I checked in on you today. Keep the Tylenol worked wonders for us.