Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Meeting of the Minds

Kerry and Brady came to visit yesterday. Kerry is the nearest mom I know who has a child with Williams syndrome closest in age to Clare. Brady is 21 months old, so only 6 months younger than Clare and just as cute as can be! We all fell in love with Brady instantly. Clare and Jamie wanted to hug and sit next to him. Jamie kept running upstairs to Clare's room to bring down different toys for Brady. Clare scooted herself right up into Brady's face as close as she could get and chatted at him. She hugged him, touched his face, and tried to say, "Brady." The kids definitely enjoyed having Brady visit for a few hours.

For my part (and Shawn's, who joined us for lunch), it was awesome getting to chat with Kerry. Just to have someone to talk to who understands all we have gone through. Brady's heart defects are not as serious as Clare's, but he has had other medical issues, such as hernias, eye problems (note the adorable glasses!), and orthopedic issues. To be able to use phrases such as OT, PT, IFSP, WS, etc. in conversation and not have to explain everything was such a change. Kerry and Brady recently returned from their trip to see the Williams syndrome expert in Louisville so I picked her brain about the trip (and Clare is now scheduled to see Dr. Mervis herself in mid-November).

Maybe it's wishful thinking, but Shawn and I both agreed that Clare seemed to connect with Brady. She is around other kids frequently and enjoys being in their company, but Clare was fascinated with Brady. It was different than how she is with other children. I doubt if she actually understands that Brady is more like her in many ways than her own brother is, but there was something about Brady that Clare loved. She couldn't get enough of him!

Thanks for coming up, Kerry and Brady! We can't wait to come down to see you.


Lisa R said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Those are the cutiest pictures....I was showing my friend how to work her blog and she removed your comment by mistake...she felt so bad...nothing personal....

I want to hang with you guys next time....Kerry told me that Simon is just adorable :)

Nancy said...

I love watching our worlds come together in photos! How EXCITING!

I hate being all the way over here sometimes!

Katie said...

How wonderful that you had a chance to get together.
Clare certainly looks facinated and happy to have Brody around!
Beautiful pictures!

Kerry said...

Thanks for posting, Teresa - I have retold our trip to NH 8 times (3 to therapists)! We had SUCH a great time and you were all so hospitable, thank you thank you! Jamie was so greta with the kids, it is so obvious he's a great big brother. :)

That was funny you mentioned about the connection with Bady and Clare because that is what I have been telling people before you even wrote it! I wonder if they had a little conversation going on that we didn't know about ;)

Tom is a little jealous he missed out and wants to see you guys too - especially Clare, after I told him how adorable and lovable she is. I got my kisses from Clare :)

Heather said...

So cool that you got to hang out!
We just met other kids with WS in May and they definitely had a connection with eachother. It was really just the neatest thing to witness. So glad your kids got a chance at that so young. Heather

Anonymous said...

What sweet photos! It is obvious that Clare and Brady have a connection! They are so cute together, however it looks like Brady is wondering why this woman is all over him!! lol I am so glad the Moms have a connection, too! Love and prayers to all! Joan

Tammy Kitt said...

Hi Teresa,
What beautiful pictures of Clare and Brady. I live in Northwood, NH and have a son Parker 22 months old with Williams also. I am amazed to find another family so close to us that is dealing with the same everyday life as we are.
It would be wonderful to be able to speak to another Mom for comfort, mildstones and just daily questions. Email me if you would like to keep in touch.


Aspen said...

OH MY GOODNESS! SO FUN. I am so jealous. The pictures are just precious. LOVE THEM!