Thursday, July 19, 2007

Need A Laugh

Throughout any given day, there are many moments when I just need something good to make me laugh. Today, Shawn found a good one on You Tube for us. We are huge Harry Potter fans - we are going to see the fifth movie tomorrow night and are eagerly awaiting our pre-ordered copy of the final book - so this was right up our alley... Diagon Alley, to be exact. Enjoy!


nichole said...

I totally laughed out loud. Loved it - the 5th movie was great, can't wait for the book! Ummm...was it me or did Dumbledore mysteriously lose his robe halfway through? That was a great way to start my Friday.


Amy K said...

Lol, hahahahahahaha, oh you have got to be kidding me. My exact response, face in the hands as well. Sigh, good laugh.

Nancy said...

That was a freaking work of genius. Thanks for the smiles!

Pipe bomb! Yaaaaay!

Nicole said...

That was so funny, Thanks!! Where do people come up with this stuff??