Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Arrival of Violet Grace~The Intro

S~Hey there everyone. Well right now Teresa is in a hospital bed, hooked up to an IV and has already received her first dosing of Antibiotics. Things are looking good! We were able to come right in at 7am and are now waiting for our Doctor to get out of a few procedures. Since Teresa will be doing all the leg work today, I will be the emcee for today's main event. So in good emcee style..."LET'S GET READY TO....CONTRACT!"

Here is the plan. Right around ten they will start her on Pitocin to get some contractions going. We are not too concerned about a Pitocin delivery considering both Clare and Simon were Pitocin deliveries. Then around 12:30 the doctor will most likely break her water. From there everyone is expecting a quick delivery!!!

A quick delivery is good with us since Teresa was up at 4am with Simon. I think the Mamma's boy was looking for a little last minute snuggle time as the baby. We plan on doing periodic updates from the hospital, but I know once Teresa gets going she won't let me blog anymore. So in the meantime we will try to keep you up to date as much as possible. Please keep both Teresa and Violet in your prayers today that we get a safe delivery with no complications!


Laura said...

Thinking of you all!!!
Can't wait to meet your beautiful new daughter.
Sending Teresa good vibes for an easy labor and delivery!

k's mama said...

Praying for you Teresa!!! Hope to see pics of Violet soon!!!

Tammy said...

You are all in my thoughts today!!
Sending prayers to Teresa and baby Violet!!!


David and Christina said...

can't wait for an update!!
Love the Sullivan Family

Tes said...

Prayers from Texas!

cyberjock42 said...

Yeah! I've been checking every day! We're praying!

nichole said...

Thinking of you all! I can't wait to see pics of the newest member of your family.