Monday, January 05, 2009

Bruiser Boy

As I stated in the last post, 2009 has started off with a bang and poor Simon has gotten the brunt of it so far! Being a typical toddler (and a fearless one at that), he takes multiple spills every day. I am amazed, though, how resilient little kids are, and he very rarely gets more than a little bump as a result of a fall. However, on New Year's Day, Simon took a slide down the stairs on his face. He didn't go too far, but it was far enough to produce a carpet burn down his forehead and nose. I tried to take some photos of the bruiser, but he does not stand still for long! Then later that night, he was goofing off in the bedroom and fell right into the corner of the floor molding, causing a gash out of the corner of his eye. He definitely looks like a rough and tough boy now! Reminds me of another toddler we used to have running around this house...Top photo is Simon, after the carpet burn but before the eye cut. Bottom photo is Jamie at 17 months old with his bruiser face, complete with stitches in his forehead.


Aunt Joan said...

BOYS........what more can I say?? Girls do get hurt, but in general boys seem to 'enjoy' the injuries more! lol Or, at the least, it doesn't make them stop to think! Here's hoping he stays intact for the next few weeks - or at least until he can get outside to fall in the softer grass! haha
Love & best wishes to all, Aunt Joan

k's mama said...

Your little bruisers look amazingly similar! Bruises and all.
Keira took her first fall down the stairs Saturday. The second-first floor stairs are all wooden- She tried to talk down them and ended up rolling down them banging her head on each wooden step and then finally crashing into the metal gate at the bottum. I thought for sure we were headed to the ER but she cried for like 20 seconds and then asked for a snack.... She didn't get a bruise or mark or anything. Maybe carpet is more dangerous!

Kerry said...

I never would have thought how similar they looked without the two pics side by side - unbelieveable!!!!!

Will you be going to the hospital more with Simon or Clare? LOL

Can't wait to see you guys!!!

nichole said...

Poor Simon! And rug burns hurt a lot too.

You are getting so close to your due date! How are you feeling? Hopefully Simon can stay on his feet until after the baby is born.

Nancy said...

What fun to compare the two photos! They look like twins!