Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cousin Casey is Here!

We don't have many details, but Casey Susanne arrived last night! I was talking to my sister Christina on her cell phone on the way to the hospital at 8pm, after her water broke. Next thing we hear, she was having an emergency C-section at 10:30. My mom called after midnight to let us know that both Christina and Casey were okay, but that is the extent of the details this morning. We cannot wait to hear more about Casey's arrival, and our own little brood is so excited to have a baby cousin! (They have never had a baby cousin - they have two terrific older cousins.)

It has been a rough couple of days for Christina and Tee Jay. Thursday night, Tee Jay's 13-year old cousin was killed in a car accident. His aunt and another cousin, also in the car, are in the hospital with serious injuries. After absorbing the shock and grief of this news on Friday, Christina and Tee Jay were dealing with the conflicting emotions of not being able to travel back to RI to be with the family because Christina was almost due (Tee Jay comes from a very close family), while trying to still be excited about their own life-changing event (Christina was scheduled for an induction on February 23). Then Christina's water broke late Friday afternoon. So please keep Christina and Tee Jay, and Tee Jay's family, in your prayers through all these tragic and wonderful events that have happened in their lives over the last few days.

(Later) I just chatted with Christina and all are doing well. Casey was behaving in utero pretty much how Violet was, thus the C-section. My new niece is beautiful!!! (If a little grumpy-looking!)


Katherine said...

I was wondering on Casey's status! A little (okay a lot) jealous that a first time Mom went early... (sigh). I'm so glad she's here and healthy - no matter how her arrival.
I am SO saddened to hear about Tee Jay's family crisis going on now. I will certainly keep them all in my thoughts.

Aunt Joan said...

Again, thank you so much for keeping all of us out-of-towners updated!! I am deeply saddened to hear of TeeJay's family. They will be in our prayers. I am so excited to hear Casey has arrived, and safely, too!!!! Love to all,

Auntie Becky said...

She's beautiful!! I'm so glad to hear that everything went ok. Tee Jay and his family will be in my prayers.