Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rats... Foiled Again

Clare had her pre-op physical yesterday to get the thumbs-up from her pediatrician for her surgery in 10 days. Unfortunately, those thumbs stayed down.

Clare has had a lingering cough from her cold and sinus infection. She also has been very tired these days (her teacher has told me every day this week that Clare seemed tired at school that day). The thought always crosses our minds when Clare seems more tired than usual that there is something going on with her heart. She has her next echo scheduled for mid-April and that cannot come soon enough! But, this time, her lethargy is explained by the lingering cough and congestion and the brewing of an ear infection. She is back on antibiotics (she just finished the course of antibiotics for the sinus infection) and will not stop taking them until the day of her scheduled surgery. So her pediatrician does not want her to undergo the surgery, even though it is a minor one, given her cardiac and pulmonary history.

Clare's ENT only performs these surgeries on the first Monday of the month, so now her frenulectomy is pushed off until April 6. We are disappointed not to have it in a few days (especially since we have been looking forward to seeing how she improves speech- and feeding-wise post-surgery as well as we had all the arrangements in place for Jamie and Simon's care while we were gone). Now probably only Shawn will take Clare, and I will stay home with the boys and baby. I hate being the one left behind, but only one parent is allowed in recovery and Violet is not allowed, so Shawn has to be there with Clare. I would have liked to at least be there to wait and see her before and after the operation, but it can't be helped.


Aunt Joan said...

I am so saddened to hear that Miss Clare is not feeling well - again! I am sure she will bounce back quickly, and her 'surgery' will be successful & recovery will be smooth!! Love & congrats, AUNTIE Teresa!!!!

Kerry said...

Aw man! Hope she feels beter soon :(