Friday, March 13, 2009

Miss Popularity

As I was walking Clare into school yesterday morning, another mom stopped me and asked, "Is this Clare?" I knew her little boy was in Clare's class, and I said, "Yes, and you have A, right?" She said that her son talks nonstop about Clare at home, so she wanted to know which child was Clare. I thought that was sweet.

Then when I picked Clare up from school, her teacher said that one of the other children's moms came into the classroom and asked Miss Pam to point out Clare to her, explaining that her son J talks all the time about Clare. I laughed and told Pam what A's mom had said to me that morning. Pam informed me that the afternoon 4-year old class (the majority of which is comprised of the students that Clare was in preschool with when she first started in April of last year - Clare still being 3 when school started this past fall did not move up with them) still talked about Clare and, whenever they saw her name tag hanging up, asked about her.

And then when I picked Clare up from school today, Pam told me that Clare and J were sitting next to each other today, and Clare said, "J, I love you." And J responded, "I love you." And then they kissed! (I am not ready for THAT yet!)

It definitely gives me those warm fuzzies to hear how the children love Clare. And obviously talk about her so much at home that their parents want to know who Clare is as well. I know that is one of the "gifts" of Williams syndrome - that endearing personality and the ability to charm anyone and everyone! Clare certainly has that gift!


Noel said...

I do love that gift the most about Abi. I am glad that you are seeing it in Clare, it is amazing to watch really.

nichole said...

She is quite the charmer and I am happy she has a good time with her fellow preschoolers.

Dawn Low said...

It makes me so happy (and hopeful) to hear that!

Aunt Joan said...

What a wonderful feeling for everyone! It is always nice to know your child is 'liked'. Clare is a real charmer, for sure!