Thursday, May 14, 2009

Belated Mother's day

S~ Okay, I know what all of you are thinking...Where was this post ON Mother's day? Well I am not going to make any excuses and I will follow the advice of a lawyer and keep my mouth shut. I did however want to post something on just how AWESOME my wife truly is. Anyone who has walked in her shoes (and my Mom and I have done this) knows that the schedule and routine my wife keeps is not an easy one. Shuttling the kids to and from school, scheduling all the doctor's appointments; the feeding, clothing, and keeping after four very active kids. She also makes sure that our house is always warm and inviting. And at the end of the day, she still feels guilty if Violet did not get enough mommy snuggle time. I remember hearing on the radio years ago that if they calculated up the income that a stay at home Mom should make for all the duties they do it would be an annual salary of around 250K, of course the IRS would take about 50% of that, but it is perfectly clear that this stay at home Mom clearly out earns me. However her pay comes in the form of dirty kisses from little boys who have been playing outside, hugs and smiles, from Dinosaur romps throughout the house, from stressed out daddies who have been struggling with a 2 year stop shipment,and lastly from constant complaints on the dinner she slaved over during the kids most pleasant of hours (we term it the witching hour).

So she gets one day all to herself to be pampered and praised and gushed over. However, this year Teresa sacrificed that so I could spend a weekend with my Dad fishing up North. We all met up at a lake in Manchester so the kids could go fishing and we had a picnic with my parents. I knew it was not the perfect day for her, but she smiled and had a good time anyway, and for that I love her. I love her and admire her for all that she does. Happy Belated Mother's Day Post to the most wonderful Mother and Wife!


k's mama said...

awww jeez.. now the pregnant woman is gonna cry.. so beautiful!

Noel said...

Your wife is amazing and I admire her very much.
I too am a mom of 4 and I know it is tough but so very much worth it.

Tes said...

Yes she is pretty darn cool.

Aunt Joan said...

What a beautiful tribute to her, as well as you! Your "partnership" in this family is unquestionable. Those children are certainly lucky to have such a wonderful Mommy, but they also are blessed to have BOTH of you! love to all..Aunt Joan