Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You Choose...

which moment of my day was the worst:

1 - Watching Jamie have a tooth extracted and making an appointment for next Friday to do it again.

2 - Having the road crew who is re-paving my road yell at me, "What are you doing, lady???!!!??" as I am driving down my road (on the side that was completed yesterday, mind you) to get into my driveway. (If you're curious, I just yelled back, "What do you want me to do? I live here!!!!")

3 - Facing said road crew four more times as I do my daily school drop-offs and pick-ups.

4 - Comforting Clare during a hysterical meltdown as we are eating ice cream at Mack's Apples because two fire trucks, an ambulance, the fire chief, and two police cars all with sirens blaring scream by us.

5 - Dealing with the woman who said to me, "You have too many children." Right in front of my four beautiful children!

6 - Having the double-stroller tip over backwards with unbuckled Violet in it.

(Yes, I am having a let's-complain-about-everything moment.)


Aunt Joan said...

Let's just say today is done!! Tomorrow will be better (it has to be, huh??). I hope Jamie is feeling better, Clare has calmed down, Violet survived unharmed, and the lady with the rude comment has octuplets next winter!!

Teresa and Shawn said...

S~I love you because you do it for the greater good of our children and know matter how tough it is, you always do it with a sense of Gods grace and dignity. It's tough but our kids are better because of the tough things you do!

k's mama said...

I pick poor Jamie getting his tooth out.. or the stroller tipping over backwards. I remember getting 3 teeth pulled. Not fun! I had a bad yesterday too... probably not as bad as yours... but we are all in this motherhood ride thing together! Hope today is better..... and if it makes you feel any better... I hope when I have 4 kids I have close to as much patience as you do!

alexish5 said...

I'm so sorry that your day was so awful! Today's a new day and it is going to be a beautiful one! People are so ignorant! I agree with Aunt Joan....hopefully she will have octuplets!

cyberjock42 said...

I vote for number six, although number one was pretty bad too. Sorry you had such a bad day! What did you say to the rude woman who said you had too many kids? When Bee was a baby one of our college friends told me that looking at Bridgette (who was a baby at the time, and tethered to oxygen, and an ng tube)made her never want to have kids. People can be rude. We just have to be thankful that God gave us our children, and not them!
Praying for a better day for you today!

Katie said...

wow. what a day, at least it can only get better from here!
if it helps, i have tipped the stroller on about 6 seperate occasions since Sophie was born, touch wood she hasnt been hurt yet.
And I get the "you have too many children" thing too - closely followed by "how old are you anyway?" to which i have taken to lying...