Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Medical News All Around

* We were finally able to get Clare vaccinated against H1N1.

* We potentially have already had H1N1 in our house, and everyone survived with a lot of sleep and a lot of Tylenol. ("Potentially" because no one was tested, so it's not definite, which is why we went ahead and still had Clare receive the vaccination.) Jamie got the brunt of it with almost every symptom and was out for four days. Simon, Clare, and Violet had fevers, sore throats, and general crankiness and fatigue for about two days.

* We received the results of Clare's lung scan, which showed lung output at 45-55. Almost perfect and better than her scan 18 months ago! Which means she is not headed into the cath lab anytime soon and will follow-up with the cardiologist with another echocardiogram and EKG in six months.


Aunt Joan said...

Teresa ~ First, I am so very excited that Clare's scan was so good!! Praise the Lord! Secondly, I am sorry that you had all of you guys sick with whatever flu it was. Drew had the swab done at urgent care & they said H1N1, but he was up & about after 3-4 days/nights of hell (for him & Aimee & Tim!!). Hopefully Clare will not catch anything else, and the rest of you follow suit! Love, kisses & hugs!

Tes said...

Thank God for the good news. too bad about the flu but hopefully it will not revisit, like you said great news all around.
take care!

nichole said...

Yeah for a great lung scan! Sorry you all were down for the count, but I'm glad that y'all are feeling better.

Michelle said...

fantastic news all around

camille said...

Glad Clare is doing so well. That's fabulous news!