Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Prayer For All

The kids received a new prayer book that has a prayer for just about anything you can think of. We chose one for cousins tonight since they are seeing all their cousins this weekend, and they are so excited for Jasmine, Alex, and Casey to come to our house. I should have scanned the prayer before reading it:

"Dear God, we like our cousins.
When they come to stay,
We talk and laugh and run and jump
And play.

Then we have an argument,
We shout and yell and fight.
We want them to go home again
That night.

But when they're gone we're sorry,
Although they are a pain,
We miss them and we cannot wait till they come
Back again!"

What kind of prayer is that?!? Is it wrong to throw a book of prayers away??


Aunt Joan said...

That truely is the most unusual, sadistic "prayer" I've ever heard/read! Are the rest as silly?? I hope the kids say a prayer a little more loving for their cousins they dearly love! lol

Tes said...

LOL! gosh what a "prayer" guess they were going for real life?! I would put a big X through that one.

Michelle said...

ok...maybe I'm sadistic that is the first thing that made me laugh all sounds like my family!