Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday, Jamie!

My baby is 7 years old today. My first baby, that is! Happy 7th Birthday, Jamie!

Everyone is still in some stage of a viral cold, so we had a low-key day. Jamie begged for a present first thing in the morning, so we gave him the magic kit we bought him. He was thrilled and spent a good majority of the morning practicing then performing tricks for us. Jamie chose to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant for his birthday celebration, so we did that, followed by ice cream cake, and more presents. Jamie is at a great age where he is so interested in how the world works. He is fascinated with outer space, so Shawn and I got him a telescope for his big present. Jamie loved it, and he and Shawn bundled up against the single digit cold to view the full moon. It was a cloudy night, so they are making plans for another star-hunting night in the (warmer) future.


Anonymous said...

no pictures???

nichole said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!

Aunt Joan said...

It is hard to believe that he is 7 already! Such a grown-up little guy! What a great big brother, too! Happy (late) birthday, Jamie!