Saturday, January 16, 2010

Taking the Plunge

S~ Close to five year ago I became the father to a Special needs child. At that time, I will be honest, many things went through my head. Was I ready for this? Is this something I am strong enough to handle? And I have to admit some disappointment. Disappointment in the fact that I would probably never get the chance to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day or see her off to her first prom. These are all selfish thoughts I admit, but nonetheless these were my true feelings. Looking back over the five years, a lot of those fears and concerns are still lingering, however they are minimized by all the pleasure that a special needs child can bring. On my worst days, it is usually Clare, climbing into my lap with her big starburst eyes and a smile on her face telling me I am her hero, or I am her best friend. Those moments are priceless and will elevate any sour mood. So my goal with Clare is to now give her the richest and fullest life I can. It is hard to watch other kids her age pass her by, some losing interest in playing with her because she can't keep up physically or mentally. And you worry that she will grow up with very little friends and confidants. That is why when we found the Youth Athletic Program with the Special Olympics, I knew that here is a place where Clare could be herself, and be surrounded by other kids dealing with the same problems. So that is why I have chosen, and will be accompanied by one of my greatest friends and supporters, my Dad, to support Clare by raising money for the Special Olympics. My dad and I have decided to take the plunge, the Penguin Plunge that is! That's right on February 7th my Dad and I will be plunging into the Atlantic Ocean no matter the weather or temperature. However, we can only do it if we collectively raise $600.00. That is why I am asking for your support, no matter how much you can contribute. Please help me and my Dad support a program that has meant so much to Clare! Thanks!

You can click on the link or the sidebar to the right to donate online with a credit card. If you want to make a cash/check donation, you know where we are!

Taking the Plunge for Clare

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Michelle said...

Sean...that's awsome! Maybe next year Tim and I will join you! Good Luck!