Sunday, May 02, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Simon!

Simon celebrated his third birthday yesterday (pics to follow because Blogger and my laptop do not get along). Since his birthday landed on a Saturday this year, we had a big party on his actual birthday (and combined celebrating Clare's birthday, which was a month earlier) with family and friends. One of Clare's favorite characters is Tinkerbell, so we decided a Peter Pan/Tinkerbell/Neverland party was a great theme for the two kiddos. Our backyard was hopping with fairies and pirates!. Simon is the last birthday of the calendar year in our family, so he has been waiting patiently (and sometimes not-so-patiently) for the big day.

Simon has been congested and coughing for a couple weeks now. Since it coincided with the explosion of tree pollen and no one else was affected, we chalked it up to allergies. It could still have been allergies, but it settled in his chest, and come late afternoon, he spiked a high fever. Poor birthday boy! I ended up bringing him over to our Urgent Care clinic last night after the party. There was literally no other patient there while we were there, so Simon, Violet, and I were treated like royalty. Once the nurses and receptionists found out it was Simon's birthday, they hyped it up even more. Since his oxygen stats were a little low, his fever was 103 on Motrin, and his chest sounded raspy, Simon had a birthday chest x-ray, which showed that he now has bronchitis. After 24 hours on his antibiotics and nebulizer treatments, he is fever-free today and feeling so much better. He still has a barky cough, but that could linger another couple of weeks.

So that is why his birthday post is a day late! Simon was still able to enjoy most of the party, and he spent a lot of time today enjoying the plethora of dinosaurs and trucks that have now invaded our house. Happy Birthday to the sweetest 3-year old around!


K's Mama said...

Aww poor birthday boy!! Great party though!! We had fun and the fairy wings are a HUGE hit

nichole said...

Happy Birthday Simon!!!

Christina and Tee Jay said...

I don't know why, but every post (good, bad or otherwise) gets me all emotional. I wish I could have been at the birthday party, but we were sending SOOOOOOO much love Saturday from Philly to Manchester, and prayers now to Simey Joe for a speedy recovery!!