Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to Neverland

Our Neverland Birthday Party

Shawn created a treasure hunt complete with a treasure map puzzle. The hunters (known as the fairies and the Lost Boys) had to answer questions about the movie Peter Pan. If they answered correctly, they received another piece of the map. When they fit the piece correctly into the puzzle, it showed them where to go for their next clue. The final piece directed them to a treasure chest - full of swords and fairy wings. Shawn and I conceived the ideas for the games together, but he designed them all. He needs to go into the party planning business!

Jamie helps Simon open presents. It was an unseasonably HOT day for the first of May, and everyone was glad to have a chance to cool off inside.

Another party game was tossing stuffed crocodiles at Captain Hook's pirate ship. The girls all looked so sweet running around with their brightly-colored wings on. (And the boys were warned many times about the foam swords! Perhaps those should have been handed out at the END of the party!)

Simon and Clare blow out the candles on their Neverland cake. (Which was my baby, and came out quite cute, if I may pat myself on the back!)

I bought these t-shirts off eBay for the birthday girl and boy to wear.


Rachel said...

What a great idea for a party. You two are very creative.

Aunt Joan said...

Agree! Thanks, too, for the wonderful ideas! They all look incredible and very happy, too! Good job on that cake.

Nancy said...

Wow. Um. Wow. I am really, really impressed! What fun!