Friday, June 11, 2010

Construction Photos

After two months, our addition will be done in a couple weeks. Like pregnancy, it seems like the new addition would take forever, but now, looking back, I cannot believe how far we have come and that it is almost done. Other than our garage doors and row of small windows above the doors (which are on special order), the outside is complete - windows, siding, addition roof, new roof on house, doors, retaining wall, etc. Our driveway and sidewalk are being hot-topped as I type, and we are excited to start being able to park the cars in the garage at night. (We've done it a couple times to try it out, but it's hard to get over the lip where the driveway should be.)

Inside, the contractors are dry walling. Not my favorite part of the construction as it means the huge mess has moved inside my house. But the dry walling means we have been able to do some of the other exciting parts, such as choosing our paint colors, flooring, and light fixtures. We are definitely getting closer to the finish line!

April 13 - Our house before construction began.

April 13 - The excavator begins digging.

April 28 - Framing begins.

May 11 - Working on the roof and siding.

May 28 - Master bedroom.

May 28 - Master bath.


Airelle said...

hi this might seem kind of weird but i have a son with williams syndrome and they are talking about open heart surgery for him and i was wondering if i could ask you some questions? i also have a blog on here if you would like to read it. its call " Carter's Story"


Teresa and Shawn said...

Airelle - what's your blog address?