Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Fighting Everything

Clare is 100% recovered from her surgery and anesthesia. Well, may 95% recovered because she still has the rash from the allergic reaction, but it does not seem to be bothering her anymore, so it's hopefully on its way out. I am taking her to our NH dentist on Friday for a quick follow-up. Still waiting to hear back from the allergist about their thoughts. They were going to "round table" Clare this week, but we know how the waiting game is played.

Meanwhile, spring has been teasing us with little thaws and warm-ish days, but then we got hit with two smaller snowstorms over the weekend. I believe I can speak for almost everyone in New Hampshire that we are ready for winter to be over. This winter has been a nightmare for illnesses. I don't think one day has gone by this entire January, February, and now March when at least one person in our house has not been sick. We have battled colds, coughs, stomach bugs, infections, all kinds of yuckies. Right now, Simon and Violet both have ear infections and are on antibiotics, and I am heading down that path. They started as regular colds that are settling in for the long haul. Simon is halfway into his course, so he is feeling a lot better (and we feared he was developing pneumonia again, so we were relieved to hear it was "just" an ear infection). Violet was diagnosed with a double ear infection and conjunctivitis just last night, so she is still pretty miserable. My OB instructed me to see my PCP, so I have an appointment today. I am praying that the doctor will see the wisdom in putting me on some antibiotics as well. I very rarely take any prescription medication at all and have been running an off-and-on fever, so I am hoping that for the sake of the baby (and the miserable mom), they will prescribe something.

We are surviving with lots of rest, television, and cough drops. Blah....

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Aunt Joan said...

Well, what else could happen to all of you?? Don't try to answer that one! I pray that things go better for you and the hoped-for antibiotics help!! You all are in our prayers for a better Spring! I think everyone is finished with Ol' Man Winter this year!