Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello, Spring!

I think spring is here. I know the rain is here. And travel soccer, growing tulips, window washing, ballet recitals, play practices, and I am in my third trimester!

I hit the 30-week mark last week in my pregnancy. Shawn and I decided not to find out the sex of the baby for the first time. We figured Baby #5 was a good time to do something different! With two boys and two girls already, we refer to this baby as our "tiebreaker." We have finally settled on our names (I think?). I really should not complain about my pregnancy because I am a low-risk preggo mama to begin with, but I have definitely entered the stage of infinite heartburn, back pain, swollen ankles (thank goodness flip-flop weather is around the corner), and insomnia. I am pretty sure the remaining 10-12 weeks will fly by, though, since the long drag of winter is over.

Two weeks ago, I attended a Moms' Day Away hosted by Faith and Family, a magazine and blog dedicated to Catholic living. I have been a fan and subscriber of the magazine for years and reader of some of the blogger moms for just as long. It was such a treat to not only get ten continuous hours away from the nitty-gritty of being the mom but to spend the time with two friends, meet some of the women who have inspired and strengthened my vocation as a mother over the years, and enjoy a day of prayer, reflection, laughter, and food I did not prepare or cook. That one day focused on my motherhood reinforced for me that this is where I belong. Even on these nights when I am exhausted from three days of solo parenting, battled three of my four children to get into bed (who are more exhausted than I am, and I realize this is the source of their turning into little hellions), and feel like my chest is on fire from heartburn and my back hurts so bad I wish a pregnant woman could take ibuprofen or vicodin, I am still exactly where God wants me to be. I hold onto those thoughts, feelings, and reflections and thank God that I am so blessed to know where I am supposed to be in life. That I am not "lost" or "searching." I still have lots of work to do on my vocation as a Catholic wife and mother, but I know I am going in the right direction.

So I wanted to update on all the children, but it's time to end.... the heartburn sends me over the edge most nights. I never get heartburn in every day life, just in my third-trimester pregnancy life. Nothing soothes it really. The only "cure" is to go to bed and, when I awake, enjoy my six heartburn-free hours before it rears its fiery head again after lunch. Although a bowl of cereal does take some of the sting away. Which is where I am headed.


nichole said...

milk is my go-to cure for heartburn. I occasionally reach for the Tums, but milk usually does the trick. hope the third trimester flies by!

Anonymous said...

I love your blogs Tree! Reminds me to stop and take a moment and see all the work I have done over the past 8 yrs...being a mom is such a blessing! Hope the heartburn gets better!! and so excited to see the "tiebreaker!"