Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School

My favorite time of year - fall! (Oh, and back to school!)

I have enjoyed the laziness of (most) summer mornings and all that we have crammed into eight short weeks. But I always look forward to getting into our routine again. And I will say it - having a break from the frequent chaos, sibling bickering, and craziness. With the school schedule, we have a predictable pattern of frantic mornings, calmer mid-mornings, quiet early afternoons, and then back to a loud, boisterous household for the late afternoon/evening. I like the predictable. I like the routine. I like the calm before the storm!

Jamie started the third grade last week at his Catholic school. Clare has her first day of her transition kindergarten/first grade year on Friday, and Simon starts at his new preschool next Wednesday. So we are slowly being eased into our school routine. Which is good for me because with a new baby, I am still figuring out how to be showered and dressed by 9am, never mind getting five children dressed, feeding them breakfast, and packing lunch boxes and backpacks! (And before he starts huffing and puffing - yes, Shawn, does a lot of the morning grunt work as well.)

In most families, back to school means going out for new school clothes, buying school supplies, and getting haircuts. We did get some new uniforms for Jamie (but that's so easy that I passed along Jamie's sizes to a friend who was already going to the uniform store that I didn't actually have to shop!). We did buy some school supplies. No haircuts, though (we like them buzzed). In our family, back to school also means I try to fit in all the doctor's appointments for Clare that I can. So far, she's gone to the endocrinologist, cardiologist, and dentist. I have her new schedule for private speech therapy and hippotherapy lined up. She has upcoming appointments scheduled with nephrology and orthopedics. Nothing shocking or unexpected from these appointments so far, but I feel better having them behind us so we can focus on Clare's academic needs.

I am taking Clare to her orientation on Thursday for first grade. (They go over pick-ups, drop-offs, navigating the lunch room, and I start freaking out.) We went over to the school today to find out which first grade classroom she is assigned to, and we were able to see who her classmates were. Then she and Simon played on the school playground for a few minutes. Clare was thrilled to show Simon "her" playground, and she cannot wait for school to start. She asks me every morning if she has school today. She is excited about having her kindergarten teacher again. She is eager to bring "shells and cheddar" (her favorite all-time food) in her new thermos container for lunch. I know Clare cannot wait for Friday to come. I will be glad when Friday is successfully over! I cannot believe Clare will be in full-day school. Where has the time gone?

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