Thursday, August 25, 2011

The World of Simon

With the advent of Facebook, it is so easy for me to simply post the cute, funny sayings that go on in this house on Facebook when, in the past, I would collect them for the blog. There are so many blog readers who are not on Facebook, though. And I would hate for you to miss the little joys in my life!

Like my sweet, precocious, four-year old Simon. He has always been extremely verbal and super-smart (for example, he knew all his letters and numbers, both in recitation and recognition, before the age of two). I never know what's going to come out of his mouth, and there are so many daily occurrences where he cracks me up. So here are some quotes direct from the World of Simon:

Simon: We are going downstairs to play secret spy.
Me: Okay, see you later, alligator.
Simon: You don't need to call me alligator.
Me: Sorry - I thought that was your spy code name. [trying to be funny]
Simon: [in all seriousness] No, my code name is Sparkles.

Simon: Jamie told me when you kiss a girl, that's how you get a baby. I just kissed Eliza and I kissed you, so maybe I'll get a baby.
Me: That's not exactly how it happens. You won't get a baby from kissing Eliza.
Simon: Oh, you're right. Jamie said you have to kiss a girl you don't know. [Gotta love older brothers and their wisdom!]

Simon [checking every stall in the girls' bathroom]: "Awwww, man, where are the urinals?!?!"


nichole said...

I saw these when you posted them on facebook - they're just as cute and funny the second time around :)

I love that his secret spy name is Sparkles. Is that Agent Sparkles or just Sparkles...

Aunt Joan said...

What a wonderful world those 4 year olds live in, huh?? He is just too funny! Thanks for sharing.