Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Taxicab Confessions

It's amazing the conversations you find yourself having (and overhear your children having) while driving around. Today's conversation revolved around two important topics of discussion - 1.) Would you rather smell like a skunk or a tomato?  and 2.) What kind of bug would you eat?

Answers - 1.) A tomato.... which then brought on sub-question a.) What if it was a rotten, 100-year old tomato?

2.) Various answers but Violet decided on spiders and Clare chose butterflies. The boys were indecisive. Apparently choosing which bug you would eat is a tricky choice. Especially if you have the option of dipping it into chocolate.


Aunt Joan said...

OMG!! Too funny! I always loved overhearing such conversations!

Jamnsfam said...

I love how Clare and Violet could make up their minds but the boys couldn't :)