Thursday, April 20, 2006

Taking A Walk

After dinner tonight, we took a walk as a family. We used to do this often in our old house, but our street was a busy cut-through street. So we always put both kids in the stroller and walked across a very busy road to get to the cemetery near our house. It may sound creepy to some people, but we loved walking in the cemetery. No cars, very peaceful, and Jamie could get out of the stroller and run around. But it was always a hassle actually getting to and from the cemetery.

Tonight we took our first walk through the new neighborhood. Shawn suggested that instead of using the double stroller, we let Clare ride in Jamie's push car and Jamie could ride his new tricycle. I was very skeptical that either child could handle an extended walk in these modes of transportation, but agreed to give it a whirl. Both Jamie and Clare loved it! This was the first time we put Clare in the little car. You could tell she felt like such a big girl. She gripped that steering wheel and got down to business. Occasionally, she got daring and let go of the wheel to clap her hands to let us know how happy she was. She smiled and babbled throughout our entire stroll. It was wonderful!

Have I mentioned how much we love our new house and neighborhood???

I took Clare to have her professional photos done today for her first birthday. My baby is no longer my baby. When I was looking at the shots the photographer captured, I realized that Clare was becoming a toddler (well, almost - she actually needs to start toddling first!). I know it goes by so fast (I just have to look at Jamie) and that Clare will be walking before we know it. Right now, it seems like she will never crawl, never mind walk, but those days will come. Then my baby will really be gone forever. It is bittersweet. Tonight when I was putting Clare to bed, I held her a little bit longer before I laid her in the crib. And I thanked God for giving me these last precious moments with her while Clare is still a baby.


Aunt Joan said...

Teresa & Shawn, Jamie & Clare - What a wonderfully happy photo! They do grow up before your eyes, and then we wonder where the time went. Cherish every second, and always remember how blessed we all are. Love to all of you in your new home & neighborhood. Joan

Big Cousin Jasmine said...

Clare looked so so so happy.

love you guys!