Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Good Day

Today was just one of those really good days. We had nothing written on our calendar to do. I love those weekends! They are few and far between for us, especially since we do not live in the same state as either of our families. Sometime we end up really doing nothing all day long but being together as a family.

Clare and I went to her swim class first thing in the morning. This is Clare's second session of swimming, and she is starting to love it. She gets excited when she sees the water. She splashes and kicks now and smiles throughout the class. Today her swim teacher Joelle got a big smile out of Clare, and Clare even let Joelle take her from me to swim around. I was blowing bubbles at Clare in the water, and she would put both hands over her mouth and try to blow bubbles in the water, too. It was adorable! More and more, Clare is mimicking what we do. Her newest trick is to blow kisses, and she even makes an "mmmm" sound as she does it. Last night, when she was going to bed, I told her to say good night to Jamie. Jamie gave Clare a hug. Then without being prompted or seeing someone else do it, Clare put her hand to her mouth and "mmmm," blew Jamie a big goodnight kiss.

Jamie has been obsessed with going camping lately. We camped often before we had kids and have all the gear. But we're not quite brave enough to go camping for real again yet, especially with Clare. Instead we decided to pitch the tent in our backyard, so Jamie and Shawn could camp outside tonight. We even bought a backyard fire pit, so we could have hot dogs and smores for dinner. After swimming, the tent was pitched and the firewood collected, including some good long sticks for cooking. It was a hot hot day (up in the high 90's), and Clare does not do well in the heat (neither do I), so we went to the movies. We took the kids to see "Cars," the new Pixar film. It was delightful. I highly recommend it! My favorite Pixar movie is still "Finding Nemo," but "Cars" comes close. Especially with the voice of Owen Wilson as the lead car. Jamie was enthralled by the movie. He already has a collection started of four of the cars from the movie (courtesy of one his favorite fast food restaurants), which he placed carefully in a grocery bag to bring to the movie with him. Even Clare was captivated for a good 45 minutes. We entertained her for the rest of the movie with a lollipop (her first official Dum Dum, which she loved - kept taking it out of her mouth and waving it high in the air) and walks around the near-empty theater.

After the movies came camping time. Shawn built a fire and we roasted our hot dogs. When everyone was stuffed, I brought Clare inside for bath and bed. Once she was down, I joined the boys again for smores. When we had discussed camping out with Jamie, I described smores to him. His words to me were, "Oh, I think I love smores." And he did. I don't know which he liked better - having the actual smore fed to him (he didn't want to touch the hot, gooey marshmallow) or eating the marshmallows straight from the bag. Once Jamie had a good sugar high established, I said good night and came inside. The girls are sleeping inside tonight. I can still hear Jamie and Shawn giggling in the tent (well, Jamie is giggling - Shawn would probably kill me if I meant that HE was giggling, too).

It was such a good day. One of those days when I enjoy my life so much. It's these days I hold onto when the rough ones come. These are the days that make all the suffering and trials we go through worth it. Remind me next time I start complaining!


Nancy said...

Can we come over and camp out, too? How fun!!!!!

Aunt Joan said...

Thank you for sharing such a delightful story!! It doesn't seem too long ago that we had such fun times with our babies! Enjoy every moment, even the "bad". Love to all of you, Aunt Joan

nichole said...

too cute! One year old Clare looks happier to be camping than I have ever been in my 29 years. Clare and Jamie look like they were having a blast. And what's not to love about s'mores?

Auntie Becky said...

It sounds like you all had a great day. I love those days. Camping out and S'mores.. what could be better! Take care
Love ya

Lisa R said...

Sounds like everyony had a really good time, S'MORES..YUM YUM