Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Happy Fourth of July!

(For those of you who have already read this post, I did change the photo. Neither of my kids looked terribly happy in the old photo, although Clare actually was grinning not crying. This photo was so much sweeter and has our adorable goddaughter Allison in it as well.)

We have had a whirlwind Independence holiday this year. In four days, we have done three barbecues, one first birthday party (for a little firecracker we know who we were privileged at being at his birth on the Fourth of July last year), an all-day deck-building extravaganza, swimming in our incredible friends’ incredible pool, fireworks, a Fourth of July parade, and a wicked water balloon fight. Whew! It’s been fabulous!

We brought Jamie and Clare to see the local fireworks last night. The show began, and after a few seconds of uncertainty from both of them, they settled down on our laps and watched the show. Clare was half mesmerized by the fireworks, half mesmerized by the little boy behind us. Jamie intently watched the fireworks, but also chatted Shawn’s ear off the entire time. We were surprised at how well both kids did with the fireworks. (Given that Clare was three months old last year and slept through the fireworks, and Jamie spent the entire time hiding his face in my shoulder!) This is a recurring theme in my life lately – how fast time is flying and how quickly my babies are growing. Yes, they are only 3 ½ years and 15 months, but I still cannot believe they are already that old. Where has the time gone? And, in their own little ways, both Jamie and Clare are gaining more independence. I know this is a good thing that they are learning to be their own person and not just an extension of me. But it still makes me a little sad.

On this holiday of celebrating our history and Independence, I hope my children have the same faith, strength, courage, and determination that our great nation was founded on. May they grow to love and appreciate the wonderful gift this country is to us. (And now I have to go because Miss Independence has decided she's done being independent for the moment!)


Lisa R said...


Lisa R said...

I LOVE THIS ONE EVEN MORE LOL!!!! I wish I could catch a smile, one of these days...

Aunt Joan said...

What a beautiful photo! I didn't see the other one, but love this one! Happy 4th to all of you there in Independence country!