Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wasting Time

Yeah, I'm just playing online until "Bones" starts at 8pm. Sad, but true. I was up until almost midnight last night researching preschools for Jamie (I can't believe we've hit this stage in our life already!), so tonight, Jamie and Clare went to bed early, and I am going to veg. But if I sit in front of the TV too early, I will fall asleep in the middle of "Bones." And we can't have that.

The kids were both finally feeling better today. Jamie, the fish, had his swim class, which he absolutely loves. I thought it would be great because getting-bigger-every-day Mommy doesn't have to get in her bathing suit since Jamie is now proficient enough to be in the water by himself, and Clare doesn't get stuck in the exersaucer in the childcare room. However, Clare does not think it is fair that Jamie gets to be in the pool and not her, so I spend most of the swim class with one eye on Jamie (even though his teacher is great and very observant, you never know!) while trying to keep Clare entertained. It was 100 degrees in the pool room. Great for when you're practically naked, but not so good when you're fully clothed (and clothed for the wet, chilly weather we've been having). Clare, who is usually cold, was red-faced and sweating. Her hair was so damp she had little ringlets everywhere.

Part of my wasting time was going through my digital photos. So I had to share Clare after her bath (which she loves), Jamie playing knights (that's his helmet and arm protectors he told me - I didn't have the heart to tell him that was his hood and sleeves that I unzipped from his winter coat), and Jamie and Clare loving each other. I've said before that Clare is the biggest hugger these days, and she loves her big brother so much. Shawn was trying to take some photos of me with the kids, but Clare was more interested in hugging Jamie.
Oh... gotta go... it's 7:57pm.


Aunt Joan said...

Teresa - Even though you were just "wasting" your time, you do not ever waste my time. I love hearing every detail of Jamie & Clare's lives! The photos are darling. Also, Happy Anniversary to you and Shawn. Love, Joan

Lisa R said... are so funny :) I was so excited when Emma moved up in swimming class I was such a preg beast in the pool with her...I do not know it was worse for me or the teachers and the lifeguard that had to see me.LOL It is hard to believe that pre-school is only around the corner for our #1 babies...they grow so fast

Christina said...

I can't stand it - I just love those amazing children (especially hugging each other)!

Good luck tomorrow. I will keep Clare Bear in my prayers.