Thursday, December 07, 2006

Back to the GI... Again

So we're back to frequent trips to the GI. Clare had her six-month follow-up today with her GI. I was so hopeful because she's been eating a greater quantity and variety of food, she LOVES milk with a passion (to the point where we cannot even show her the cup before she eats or she won't eat her dinner, she'll only want to fill up on milk), and she suddenly is growing out of her 9-12 month clothing (yea, since she is over 20 months old!).

The good news is that in the past six months, Clare has grown an inch and a half (explaining the growing out of her clothes). She is staying consistent on her height curve (at a whopping 2% on the charts). However, she has only gained 6 ounces since her last appointment this summer and only an ounce since we were at the office last month for her Synagis shot. (Of which she got her second set of shots today, so Clare is not a happy camper today - she is in hour four of her nap right now.) Much is according to charts at the doctor's, and he is concerned because her weight curve is not a curve at all. It is a flat line. How can you be below 0%?? He kindly plotted Clare on the WS growth chart as well for me, and she jumped to 2% (hooray!), but her growth was still a flat line, so eventually she will "fall off" the WS chart as well. Not so good.

There's always a plan of attack, though. We've all tried to get kids to eat something, so we know how successful that can be. Since Clare loves her milk, we are going to fortify it to increase the calories (which will add an additional 200+ calories to her daily diet). I also have some yummy-sounding samples of Pediasure and Carnation Instant Breakfast Junior to try with her. (They have not been a big hit in the past, but I am always willing to try again.) Clare's GI is concerned about Clare's teensy weensy weight gain, yet he is not doing a full-force attack. We are starting slow and working from there. Since Clare boycotted jarred food some months ago, she has not eaten any fruits or vegetables, other than tomato sauce and the occasional sip of juice (one sip is enough for her). She recently started eating bananas like a monkey, so we're happy with that. However, that's it. So we will also be experimenting with different ways to feed Clare half a Flintstone vitamin every day. Clare is scheduled to have thyroid blood work done next month, so her GI is going to order a full panel of tests as well. (Another thing I appreciate about many of Clare's doctors - they are willing to wait a month for non-urgent tests so we can avoid too many needle sticks.) He is going to test her liver function, kidney function, enzyme levels, repeat C-DIF and other parasite tests (of which she was negative for a year ago), and anything else he can think of to be sure nothing is missed.

Here's to gaining some holiday weight!!


Kerry said...

Can you add a scoop of ice cream to that Carnation Instant Breakfast drink...or is that too much calcium?

Brady isn't much on the charts either. Clare's so big to me!

Amy K said...

Ugh, more weight issues. Some other things you can add to her food, olive oil, butter, corn syrup for sweet things, Polycose!!!! my favorite cuz it is tasteless and can be sprinkled on and in anything, ice cream is great too! Have you tried milk shakes with Clare? Those things are all additives that I have heard about from my nutrionist and a mommy friend who had a premmie. Good luck, and at least she is growing still!

Lisa R said...

Why can I have these weight gaining issues for me...LOL I am sure she'll catch up I bet the Christmas cookies are going to help.

Aunt Joan said...

I wish I could give Clare a few (just a few) tips on gaining weight, too! It sounds like you are doing all you can, so continue and good luck with the new foods. (just a tip - I used to use V8 juice added to pasta sauce for veggies!)Love and Happy Holidays, Joan

Kati said...

What about a milk shake with fruits? Szabi loves it, I make it with banana, raspberry, apple or anything else with a little sugar and give it to him with a straw. Plus calories and she'll eat fruits without she notices it :)))))))
Clare is like Szabi, both kids are like tomato sauce and juice and don't eat fruits ot vegetables.... hay-yayy...:( I did grean peas-dish today and after a few spoon he started to spit the peas out... don't think I was nervous :DDDDDDDD

Love, Kati