Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fetal Echo

Today we had our fetal echocardiogram. It was a little odd to be the one on the table while Clare's echo tech did the echo, her cardiologist reviewed the results, and Shawn and the kids watched. (Poor Clare started crying immediately when we walked down the hallway to the echo room. It was not until she realized that she got to sit in the stroller this time, eat Fruit Loops, and watch the "Muppets Take Manhattan" as well, that she was okay.)

From what the doctor could see, the baby's heart structure, function, and output look great right now. The only "blip" is that there were some extra beats between the upper chambers of his heart. She said they are totally benign at this point, and it was difficult to tell what was causing them, especially since at this stage of development, the baby's heart has an open flap between the two chambers and a duct between the pulmonary and aorta, both which should close before birth. Because I am only 20 weeks along, she wants me to have another fetal echo at 32 weeks, when the heart will obviously be bigger. But, at this point, there is no cause for concern. So we will wait and see how everything looks in another three months.

Karen (our tech) got two great photos of the baby - one of him waving and the other proudly displaying he was a boy (that was for Shawn, she said!).


Aunt Joan said...

I am so glad that things look great at this point. I am sure they will continue, and he (Simon) will have a heart to be proud of as well!!! Hugs to everyone, and Merry Christmas as well! Love, Aunt Joan

Lisa R said...

so glad it all looks great...Now how fun would it have been if ther ewasn't a little blip :)