Tuesday, December 05, 2006


We had our first snow yesterday. About 20 minutes of a small dusting which amounted to nothing. But it was enough to make Jamie go "oooooo" and "aaaaaa" and insist on wearing his winter boots and coat to pick up the girls I watch in the morning.

I am in a Christmas flurry right now. I just finished my shopping (courtesy of Amazon). I usually do a lot of online shopping. It's just so much easier than dragging the kids to the mall. I hate shopping, and shopping around Christmas crowds is even worse. Okay, I don't hate shopping, I just hate crowds! To me, the extra money spent in shipping is SO WORTH IT! We are gearing up for our pre-Christmas festivities - cookie swap, playgroup party, caroling (yes, we are actually going caroling this year, and I am so excited about it!), winter lights at the zoo, and trying to squeeze in the new "The Nativity" movie somewhere. Then there's baking, finishing our Christmas cards, wrapping presents, and those special crafty Christmas projects I tackle every year. I know you all have that list that goes on and on and on. But I love the busy-ness and preparation of the Advent season. I really doubt Mary and Joseph were in a state of calm relaxation at this time of year, so it makes me feel a little closer to the turmoil of emotions they must have been going through as they traveled to Bethlehem. With each pregnancy, I have been pregnant at Christmas. I love it because waiting and preparing for the birth of own son reminds me of how Mary must have felt. To a degree. After all, I am not giving birth to the Messiah.

In the middle of the craziness, we take lots of time to enjoy some quiet time. Or at least down time (quiet time is practically unheard of in this household!). Shawn was headed out this afternoon on a three-day business trip, so this morning after Clare's OT (of which, she is doing phenomenal, so I will have to share that later), we all sat around and sang Christmas carols. Jamie "helped" me play the piano, while Shawn and Clare had other instruments. It was so nice to sit there at 10 am on a Tuesday morning and sing spur-of-the-moment carols.

I don't usually post photos of just Shawn and I, but this was a cute one someone took at Thanksgiving.


Lisa R said...

Very Cute Photo...I love it :)

Aunt Joan said...

Teresa & Shawn- What a wonderful tribute to the upcoming "Birth" of our Savior! I love your comparisons, applaud your joy. Enjoy every moment of the Season. The photo is certainly very cute! Love to all, Aunt Joan

Nancy said...

You two are so incredibly cute together. But I bet you hear that all of the darn time.

Enjoy the holiday! I find that having a child around is the best thing EVER at Christmas! Who knew?

Aspen said...

It must have been beutiful music in your house this morning. What great memories those kids will have, singing Christmas songs with their parents. I love it!