Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On Again, Off Again

(A flashback photo to the easier eating days when meals were fun!)

Clare's eating is iffy now. After a fabulous New Year's Eve dinner and an okay New Year's Day buffet, Clare has not eaten for two days now. So aggravating!!

We had her follow-up with the pediatrician yesterday, and the news was somewhat of a relief, if not a solution. Clare's weight registered at 17 lbs, 4 oz again! That was her weight at the beginning of December before the eating strike. The pedi believes that when Clare's weight measured at 16 lbs, 15 oz last week that might have just been a loss of water weight, and not true "fat" weight. Last week, Clare had eaten nothing for ten days when she was weighed. Now that she is eating occasionally, her water weight is back on. So, in actuality, she did not lose any weight. Which is wonderful! We were so relieved to hear that news.

There is still no medical explanation behind Clare's strike. The pedi checked her ears, throat, and stomach again, but all looked good. No teeth have come through. All the blood and urine tests were normal. So, for now, we are treating it as a toddler eating strike. We're still going to limit her fortified milk consumption so she does not fill up on just milk. But, other than that, we are going to keep plopping her in the high chair 3-5 times a day and offer a variety of foods. Some we know she likes and some new foods. If she eats, great. If not, we will try again the next meal.


Lisa R said...

so glad she did not loose any weight what a relief...I guess all you can do is try :)

Kerry said...

YEAH - no weight loss! (that will be the first time I said those words!!) How ironic that we're glad it's a "typical" child problem. On a sidenote, I know a little girl who only eats Mac and cheese, ever since she was around 2 and she's 8 now. Maybe you can throw a veggie in it too! :)

Amy K said...

Phew, dodging that weight loss bullet is super news! It is hard to determine when it is typical behavior or a medical concern. Just be vigilant, and try to keep the paronia at bay as much as possible. That is waht I have to tell myself ALL THE TIME!

Aspen said...

I understand the eating issues. Daven had been eating so well until we had a small mishap in Oklahoma giving him some food with milk. After he threw up for about 3 hours he hasn't had anything to eat since then. Sigh! The frustration continues. Good luck!