Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Birthday Arrrrrrs

This is a belated post since Jamie turned four years old yesterday! Happy Birthday, Jamie! We had his birthday party over the weekend and were very happy that Jamie came to the party, instead of the Human Torch, who is the usual inhabitant of that small body these days!

Jamie's party was a blast. It was pirate-themed, and Shawn did an incredible job putting games together. The kids launched parrots at a pirate ship, walked the plank, and attacked a treasure chest pinata with a sword. I have to admit I was very proud of the pirate ship cake I made. Jamie was in pirate heaven. This was his first real birthday party with all his friends. He was so excited for weeks. We marked the party day on his animal calendar in his room and, every night, he crossed off another day. Each day, I repeatedly answered the question - "How many days until my pirate party?" When party day came, he wanted to help us do everything to get ready for his friends to come over.

I say this every year, but it's amazing how much a child grows. Jamie is such a delightful four-year old, and I am not just biased because I am his mother. He is a sweet (for the most part) big brother to Clare. He adores his little sister and, as long as she's not destroying a tower he's building or knocking over his dinosaurs, he patiently plays with her. Jamie has also enthusiastically embraced the coming of the new baby and cannot wait to meet his baby brother. He constantly hugs and kisses my stomach, wants to talk to Baby Simon, and does things for Mommy (like bending over to pick up fallen toys or bringing in small bags of cat food when my arms are full lugging groceries and Miss Clare). Many times, he does these things without even being asked, which is a huge thing for a four-year old! We see the best of both of us in Jamie - smart and considerate like his Mommy and imaginative and funny with a flair for entertaining others like his Daddy.

We love you, James Michael! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!!! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you. Thank you mom for not mentioning the Jack Bauer style sleeper hold my terror of a 18 month old put on one of your party guest.
Love, Your god mother!

Aunt Joan said...

Happy Birthday, Jamie!! I loved the photos of your wild, bucaneer party!! The pirate ship cake was wonderful, Teresa, and the kids look like they had enough fun for a while! Congrats to all of you!! Love, Aunt Joan & Uncle Steve

nichole said...

happy happy birthday jamie!!! the party looks like it was hit - and that pinata was great. the idea of hitting it with a sword was genius.


Lisa R said...

Happy Birthday Jamie :) That looks and sounds like a very cool party...I bet Emma would have had a blast :)

Aspen said...

Oh how did I miss this? I know I am terribly late but...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE! I love the pictures. What a fun party!