Monday, January 22, 2007

Still Trying

I am so sick of talking about Clare's eating strike. Aughhhhhhh!

But I figured it was only fair to give an update. Nothing new. Well, a little bit new. As the doctor warned, the appetite stimulant is making Clare very sleepy. She is ready for a nap by mid-morning and will sleep for four hours (maybe even longer, but we've been waking her up after four hours). And then she is ready for bed by 6:30pm. As nice as extended naps can be sometimes, unfortunately, this means she has slept through lunch the past few days and is not interested in eating when she wakes up. The one improvement is that she does not cry through meals anymore. But she still spits out her food, just plays in the highchair, and eats barely anything. (It is afternoon already, and she has eaten nothing yet today). I am touching base with her doctor tomorrow. Most likely, he will recommend that we give Clare her entire dose of medicine right before bed (instead of splitting it up into two daily doses, which is what we are doing now) to see if that stops the daytime sleepiness. She has her Synagis shots in 10 days, so we will get a weight check at that appointment. No eating updates until then!

This morning, Shawn was out bright and early to be the first person at the preschool where we want Jamie to go in the fall. Today was registration day. Jamie frequently talks about when we visited the school, and Shawn and I both really like the facility and teachers. I haven't been this nervous about a school application since I was a senior in high school. It's ridiculous! We will get an answer in early February whether he was accepted into the program. I am all misty-eyed with the age-old lament of parents everywhere - "Where does the time go?" Jamie will turn four next week and is growing so fast. I am glad he is excited about the prospect of school. He is definitely ready to go. But it will be so sad not have Super Jamie around the house as much.


Auntie Becky said...

I sympothize with you. I still can't believe Jasmine & Alex are both in school, and it's been that way for 2 years now. I often wish for the days when they were not yet in school, but wish I could have been home with them. They'd be silly not to scoop up Jamie....just tell them his Auntie said so. :-) Good luck. I'll keep you in my prayers as the day approaches.

Love ya

Christina said...

Please keep us posted on Clare Bear's eating strike - I hate it, too... that nothing has changed! ARGH.

Jamie is such a sweetie - and he's BRILLIANT. Like Auntie Becky says, they'll be silly not to welcome him at their school! (As long as they can handle super heroes...)

Kerry said...

How bizarre that the stimulant makes her sleepy. Keep us informed, even though I am pretty bad at doing just that! :)

Good luck with school!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Clare is getting cuter and cuter every day. What a beautiful smile too-you just want to start smiling looking at her beautiful little face! Good lcuk with all the feeding stuff. Our older son had a more moderate form of those issues, and it was miserable, stay strong and let's pray that it passes soon. Hugs to all of you, Jessica O

Nicole said...

Boy, time sure does fly!! I get teary eyed already thinking of school for Ella and it is years away. It will be sad not to have such a fun, energetic superhero around as much.

Hope this new med starts kicking in. I've been thinking of you guys!!

Aunt Joan said...

Hey, Mom, even Superman had to get an education!!

Good luck with the eating issue, and don't lose too much sleep over it for now. You are getting her all the attention she needs.
love to all, Joan

Kati said...

Wowww!!! What a big boy!!! He is so cute :)))))
Hope that Clare's eating srtike ends soon!!! Keeping my fingers cross for you!

Love, Kati