Monday, February 12, 2007

Keeping Up

Some days (or weeks), I feel like I am putting in the bare minimum to keep up with the craziness. It has definitely been one of those weeks. We've been trying to paint our living room and knew we would have to do it in spurts with two little ones and a pregnant mommy. It is coming along nicely, but we didn't count on the fact that all four of us would be struck down in sickness over the past week. Shawn and Jamie were plagued with head colds, coughs, and congestion, while Clare and I came down with the stomach bug that is going around. Funny enough (and a definite blessing!), the boys didn't catch what the girls had and vice versa. It was enough to knock us off our feet for a few days. I have to be grateful, though, because we have really managed to get by this winter fairly germ-free. (Of course, I will be jinxing us now!)

Clare's eating is still going strong. What a huge improvement. I cannot put the feeling into words how relieved we are to have that past us (to some degree, since we still have weight checks and the swallow study in the future). However, she is continuing to have bowel issues, even with being on the Miralax, so we are currently trying to figure this out. She is back to screaming in pain when passing something and even passed blood last night. It may be her body trying to adjust to the sudden inflow of food again, so we have been doing a lot of dose tinkering. It's always going to be something, I fear. My hopes of Clare walking by her second birthday are pretty much nil now. I am keeping my fingers crossed for June, at this point. I can't say she isn't making progress, but the progress is going at a snail's pace. We recently bought her her first pair of shoes, by suggestion of her PT. A sturdy cruiser made by Stride Rite with high tops to support her ankles, going on the theory that if Clare had more support around her ankles, she would feel more confident about taking some steps. She will walk a little holding onto our hands, but will not cruise along furniture or even let go of one hand. Clare loves her new shoes and has learned the phrase "new shoes" while pointing to them. Her vocabulary continues to expand and her receptive language is amazing, so I am thankful that she continues to develop in that area. She loves to be involved in whatever we do, including testing out the new baby swing for us. As you can see, she loved that, too!

It has been a disappointing winter snow-wise in NH. Poor Jamie. In the fall, he eagerly looked forward to winter - building snowmen, snow forts, sledding, having snowball fights. In the past, we have a good continuous 3-4 feet of snow on the ground by now. This year, we have maybe three pitiful inches on our yard. Jamie (and Shawn) were so determined to build at least one snowman, though. See if you can find it in the photo!


Kerry said...

Love the lil' snowman!

I think you're right, it is "always going to be something" with these kids. Brady isn't crawling yet at 16 months, although I'm hoping we'll have an "aha" moment soon! :)

Maybe we'll get bombarded with that storm on Wednesday - if so, take lots of pictures!!

Nancy said...

I used to have dreams Erik was walking and talking before he did either of those things. I hated waking up sometimes because I wanted it so much...but it happened eventually! I hope the new shoes do the trick. I'm glad she is eating and hope she is more comfortable soon.

Okay -- I laughed out loud at the photo of the snowman and your comment. :) How cute!

Lisa R said...

I found the snowman!!! I bet you all get some snow this week. We haven't had any to speak of yet either.

I keep telling ya if she is not walking by the wedding use a wagon it would be so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Clare with the eating!!! Sorry about the snow, Jamie. I see your snowman, too! It is cool! Hope you get snow again soon! Love to all, Joan

Kati said...

How voracious we are :))))) First we wanted our kids to roll over, sit up, eat, drink etc.... we got everything but we want more and more :))))) I want Szabi to talk, you want Clare to walk :D maybe we can change them for a week??? ;)

Love, Kati

Auntie Becky said...

What a cute snowman. Well we are getting the snow today. Jamie should be able to make his snowman now. I'm glad to hear Clare is still eating well. We miss you all. Have fun.

Love you all!

Aspen said...

We have also purchased the Stride Rite shoes for Daven. He wears them well, but haven't seen much progress in his walking. He does stand on them stronger and with a flat foot.

Congrats on the eating! That is a major step.

Hope everyone is feeling much better now!