Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some Relief

Clare's eating strike seems to be officially over! Can I just say I love our pediatrician?? She started on the Prevacid last Thursday night, and on Friday, she ate a whole piece of pizza for my mother-in-law. Then she ate a little dinner for us that night. It's been slowly uphill ever since. She enjoys mealtime again, eats some snacks, and just seems to be a happier kid. Shawn and I are a bit peeved because we brought up reflux to the first pedi more than a month ago and it was completely dismissed by her, and it turns out that is what Clare has. It would have saved weeks of worry and stress over Clare (not to mention she would have been eating for that time), but it's water under the bridge now. The important thing is that Clare is eating!

Clare had her RSV shots this morning, and she is up to 18 lbs, 8 oz. I think my jaw literally dropped at the scale. I kept looking at the number to be sure it did not say 17 lbs, 8 oz, but no, it was 18. Last week, at her appointment, Clare weighed 17 lbs, 11 oz, so she gained 3/4 of a pound in a week! We are thrilled beyond words, to say the least. If Clare keeps this up, she may actually weigh 20 lbs by her second birthday in a couple months! We are still going through with the nutrition consult and swallow study, which is scheduled for three weeks from now.

We received our phone call this morning from the pre-school we are looking at and Jamie was accepted. So he will be starting school in September. We are all excited!! So far, it has been a really good day!


Christina said...

Yea for Clare Bear! I'm so happy that she's gaining weight, but more importantly, that she is enjoying mealtimes again. Go, big girl!

Aunt Joan said...

We are so relieved that Miss Clare is on the road again..... I watched a TV program (which???) and the Ped on there said there is no reason for any baby to have colic, with no diagnosis. It saddens me to think I had 2 babies with reflux before it was "discovered" & treated! Three cheers for Clare's Pedi!!!!!!!!!!! Love to all, Aunt Joan

Lisa R said...

That is a great weight gain...Awesome about Jamie's school

Kerry said...

Yeah YEah Yeah!!!! And yeah about Jamie's school too. It's nice when things go OUR way for once!!!