Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Picture of Health

Simon is an oddity in our house. He has never been to the pediatrician's office for anything other than his well-baby visits. Unbelievable! I get questioned about how much he weighs, and I proudly declare, "I don't know!" He rarely gets weighed! He takes no medication, has no diagnoses, and is the picture of health.

So when some little bumps appeared on Simon's skin recently, I chalked it up to a mild reaction to recently introducing dairy in his diet. We cut out the yogurt, but the bumps did not go away. Then I realized that it was eczema, something that Jamie battled in his infancy as well. It was not until the rash spread over his entire body that I thought something more might be going on. Simon is child #3 and we have seen many illnesses come through our house, so I figured that Simon had a little virus that ended in a rash, which is common. Then his eyes started to goop, and the rash on his cheeks became quite painful-looking. So I finally decided to call the pediatrician and have them take a look at Simon.

And don't you know it, it's not just a rash. In fact, Simon has Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (complete with blisters in his mouth and throat as well as the full-body rash), an eye infection, a skin infection around his eye from the resulting drainage from his eye, impetigo on his face, and fluid in his left ear (which is not an ear infection yet, so hopefully that will go away on its own). Each of those individually is really not a big deal and we have had each one in our house at some time. But not all at once. To the same kid. So now Simon is on a bunch of medications, including one to fight staph infection (not that he necessarily has one, but impetigo can be caused by staph, so the pediatrician wants to make sure it gets treated ASAP).

Through it all, Simon remains my sweet, happy baby. He is having trouble sleeping at night, but the doctor said his mouth blisters could be more painful at night and a dose of ibuprofen before bed would help him sleep better. In fact, he was grinning away the entire time the pediatrician was examining him. Hopefully in about a week, he will be the picture of health once more.


camille said...

Oh yes, hand foot and mouth disease. Connor had that as well. He wouldn't drink at all so I had to give him water with a medicine dropper. Hopefully Simon will handle it better than Connor did. Popcycles helped with the mouth sores, just an idea. I hope he feels better soon!
That's amazing he hadn't been to the doctor other than well visit checks. WOW!

Julie said...


That is what Lexi has been off all week with. I think it has made her a little sicker than most because she is almost 13 and it usually affects smaller children. I hope he does better than she has. She can barely drink and her fever won't break. She is rarely sick, but she has been my one to get the BIG stuff like this and strep throat, and pink eye. When she does get sick she does it good. By the way my doctor said it is HIGHLY conatgious. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good grief! Nothing is simple is it?? I am praying that everything heals and clears quickly and no one else is affected! Give Simon a big kiss from me - if you can find a clear spot, that is! Love and best wishes! Aunt Joan

Penny said...

I hope Simon feels better. Poor little guy

Laura said...

Poor baby. I hope he's feeling better soon and no one else comes down with it!

nichole said...

such a sweet little face! i hope he starts to feel better soon.

Michelle, Tim, Aidan & Ari said...

poor lovey...I hope he is better soon!

Every minute counts.... said...

Oh man, when it rains it pours!~
I'm sorry that Simon ended up with just about everything, that stinks. Hope he is the picture of health again soon!


Anonymous said...

Poor little guy. To have all those yucky things and still be great is that, for you and for him. Well hopefull he's feeling better soon. You'll all be in my prayers.
Love ya
Auntie Becky

Christina said...

My sweet baby! Please give him kisses from me and his Uncle Tee.

I know it may sound stupid to get philosophical right now, but I can't help but think that you and Shawn had your hands full and took a leap of faith with the decision as to when to have your next child - and God granted you someone that would fit in perfectly with your busy schedules and smile all throughout them! (I can just picture him smiling the whole time at the pediatrician's office!)

Amy said...

Oh man, what a raw deal (no pn intended). Poor little pumpkin, I hope Clare and Jamie (and mom and dad) stay healthy through all this!!

Amy said...
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