Monday, July 21, 2008

Best of the Best

Best Housekeeping Award: to our cat Midnight... for taking all of the small toys and items I had placed on top of the piano (for putting them away upstairs at a later time) and removing them to the far reaches under the piano.

Best Discipline Award: to the mom at swim class this morning whose 4-year old kept going too near the edge of the pool... after the tenth time of yanking him back to the bench, she said, "If you don't behave, when we go to the doctor's this afternoon, I will tell him to give you a shot."

Best Mommy Suck-Up Award: to Clare... when asked "Who's the prettiest girl in the world?" she answered "Mommy." (Okay, her first answer was "Papa," but I'll take second place.)

Best E-mailer Award: it's a tie! to my sister Christina... who keeps me in stitches with her witty comebacks to ridiculous e-mails I like to share with her and to the former fellow parishioner who has so thoughtfully put me on her mass e-mail list... for thousands upon thousands of forwards ranging in everything from the deal of the day at Mary Kay to the warning chain-mail on the evils of Baby Orajel.

Best Food in the Entire World Award: to nachos... I think I've had nachos five times so far in the last six days. And just made them again for myself at lunch. And will probably order them tonight when we meet my mom and sister at Chili's for dinner. At least it's a fairly healthy craving.


Aunt Joan said...

Hey, don't forget the woman who has her hands full with a Super-hero son, a super-sweet 3 year old, a super-curious toddler, and still finds humor in morning sickness - for the 4th time! Those are some cute awards, but pat your own back for me, okay?? Love, and enjoy those nachos!! Joan

Nancy said...

I had nachos for lunch, too! :)

nichole said...

When I lived in Boston Jack had a secret hiding space behind one of my bookcases. I was perplexed as to where these toys were going to. When I packed up to move to Louisiana and we moved the bookcase I was floored. There were enough glitter mice and rattle balls to fill a gallon ziploc bag.

I had nachos on Sunday - one of the best foods ever.

Tes said...

I am not prego but I want some NACHOS!
Love the awards all are so very deserving.

Christina said...

You've got nothing on my "pizza problem" - I have pizza almost daily for lunch at work (frozen pizza, pizza slices, cold pizza, hot pizza, the oh-so-terrible-for-you Totino's Pizza Rolls, you name it), have had it about 2-3 nights a week for dinner for the past two weeks, and finally succeeded in eating an ENTIRE large Domino's thin-crust cheese pizza last night. The whole thing. By myself.

My belly is bigger than yours, and you're 30 days ahead of me!

Kerry said...

Emailer Award - how funny! I am really SICK of those insane "angel" emails... the cutesy ones that say "You're my angel" then... "email this to 10 people in 5 minutes or you will be cursed for life". Argh!!!