Tuesday, January 04, 2011


With his allowance, Jamie purchased a booklight for himself at the dollar store a few weeks before Christmas. Since the boys share a room, on nights when Simon lost the privilege of having reading time in bed (which actually happens quite frequently!), Jamie was allowed to use his booklight to read in bed when all the room lights were shut off.

Simon coveted that booklight. Jamie is very possessive of his little light and kept it in a safe place so his younger siblings could not touch it or, more aptly, break it. Simon worked diligently for weeks on filling up his sticker chart solely for the purpose of possessing a booklight. (Simon and Clare earn a selection from the dollar store once their sticker chart is complete in lieu of getting an allowance.)

Yesterday was the big day in which Simon became the proud owner of his own booklight. And his older brother obviously inducted him into the Secret Society of Booklight Owners. Today in the car, I overheard Simon telling Clare: "You know what Jamie told me? Jamie told me that when Mom comes in the room and says 'lights out,' when she leaves, that's when we can turn on our booklights and continue reading with our booklights!"


nichole said...

how cute! I love that Simon worked hard on getting his stickers so he could get his booklight.

Natalie B. said...

Growing up, my two younger brothers were dragged along to almost every performance I was in (and there were a lot of them). They would always come equipped with their books and their book lights. Come to think of it, I don't think they've ever actually seen me dance onstage. lol!

It's great that they like to read so much. Good job Mom & Dad!

Aunt Joan said...

Oh, how much we learn from our big siblings!! It is so sweet that the two of them share such "secrets"!! Good job, Simon, on your acquisition!