Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Little Friend

No matter what I am doing in the kitchen, Violet is always right there with me. Right now I am obviously on the laptop, and she immediately pushed a chair right next to mine. She is standing on her chair scribbling on a scrap paper next to me as I type. (And proclaiming "Ta da!" after everything she scribbles so I can properly admire it.) When I am cooking, a chair gets pushed over to the counter or stove so Violet can see what I am doing. This often involves looking at all the utensils in the drawer or reorganizing my Keurig caddy. Sometimes it means going through the spices or examining Clare's bag of bite blocks and mouth exercise toys or rearranging the vitamins and prescription bottles. Whatever it is, it ALWAYS involves a mess, makes my chore or project even longer, and answering over and over, "What's this, Mama? What's this, Mama?" It also is one of the sweetest parts of my day.

Each of my babies seem clingier than the last. I don't know if that is really true or just my perception because my days are busier and there are many times I would love them to be less clingy! Violet has been very mommy-attached since day one (as daddy, aunts, and grandparents can attest to!). When I had kidney surgery over a year ago, we weren't sure if Violet would survive unscathed. Leaving her in the childcare room at the gym was a nightmare for months. Looking back, Violet has come a long way in being more independent. On those two mornings a week when the three older kids are in school, Violet actually enjoys her independence from me and her older siblings. We have about an hour to ourselves between drop-offs and pick-ups, and Violet loves to go off and play by herself. I can hear her singing to herself and talking to her baby dolls. As clingy as she seems to be sometimes, I do believe that she is a child secure in the love and presence of her mommy which enables her to play independently for longer periods of time than her siblings were at almost two years old.

Whatever the psychology behind it, my little friend and I are going to have our worlds re-adjusted in about five months when the baby comes, so we are enjoying these days together.


Aunt Joan said...

Oh, how I loved those years!! Madilyn is at my side a lot when here. I treasure every moment, too, as they grow too fast! Good luck with the adjustment!! LOL.

Christina and Tee Jay said...

Casey is not nearly as much of a "I have to be near Mommy" girl as Violet has been over these two years... but there is absolutely ZERO independent play going on in our house. How I long for that!!